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Propeller is helping thousands of people with asthma

How does Propeller work?

This is a Propeller sensor
This is an asthma inhaler
Sensors attach to your inhalers
Propeller tracks every dose automatically and learns about your asthma
Get personalized insights any time

Join thousands who are decreasing their symptoms

  • Learn what is triggering your asthma
  • Feel in greater control of your breathing
  • Gain more confidence for daily activities
  • Understand your symptoms easily
  • Receive personalized asthma forecasts and support
  • Share insight and progress with your family
Smartphone showing med schedule screen from the Propeller app and hands holding an MDI inhaler with a Propeller sensor attached

Let's find the Propeller sensor that's right for you

Get started in less than 5 minutes

  • Answer a few quick questions to find the Propeller sensor that fits your inhaler

  • Download the Propeller app and your sensor will arrive in the mail within days

  • Simply attach the Propeller sensor to your inhaler – it will automatically sync to the Propeller app

  • Continue to use your inhaler as prescribed, then learn personalized insight and manage your asthma in the Propeller app

  • Choose to share progress with your doctor and family

Propeller App

Available for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets
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Offered at no cost
Easy to use and understand
Cleared by the FDA

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Let's find the Propeller sensor that's right for you

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